Outdoor Remodeling in Daphne, AL

If you require professional outdoor remodeling services in Daphne, Alabama, Coastal Home Improvements can help!  We offer the Baldwin County Eastern Shore an extensive range of outdoor living solutions that can transform your home's outdoor living space from humdrum to "wow"!  

Get the most out of your property by turning your home's exterior living areas into destination spots that your whole family can enjoy.  We can help you improve any of your outdoor living areas— back yard, front yard, back porch, front porch, and more.  Change that space from dull and drab to the ideal place for entertaining— or from a seldom-used eye-sore to a relaxing oasis.  Whatever you have in mind, we supply the skills and experience to bring your dream to fruition.  Let us help your home's exterior spaces live up to their full potential with outdoor remodeling solutions that work.


Top Outdoor Remodeling Projects for Homes in Daphne, Alabama  

Coastal Home Improvements can assist you with custom remodeling projects.  Don't let your valuable outdoor space go to waste!  A few well-chosen upgrades to your Daphne-area home can expand your home's livable space for a fraction of the cost of a house extension.  We can help with all of the following improvements to your South Alabama home:

Concrete Walkways

A custom-made concrete walkway provides a clear, level path to guide guests to your door or garden features, cutting down on lawn damage and muddy shoes.  High-quality concrete is a low-maintenance, durable material that will hold up to heavy use over the years.

Concrete Patio

We can design and construct a concrete patio to your exact specifications.  Durable concrete makes an attractive, low-maintenance patio that will be easy to keep clean through the years.  A patio is the perfect place for outdoor dining— or opt for cozy seating around a patio fire pit for evening gatherings!

Patio Cover

Whether you're starting from scratch or upgrading an existing patio, a patio cover is an affordable way to extend your livable space.  We build sturdy, customizable patio covers that not only provide a shelter from sun or rain, but also look great.  Choose a design and color that complements your home.  Our custom-built patio covers are a far cry from flimsy, mass-produced kits!  It's also simple to convert your covered patio into a screen room enclosure or sunroom, later on, if your needs change.

Enclosed Screen Room

We enjoy some beautiful weather on the Gulf Coast; unfortunately, many irritating insects enjoy it, too!  Annoying bugs like flies, wasps, and mosquitoes can drive us back indoors.  Nothing ruins a nice meal on the patio like insects buzzing around your food!  Our screen room enclosures put a stop to the irritation.  We construct our enclosed screen rooms from sturdy aluminum frames and mesh screens.  Even better, we offer a variety of options so you can customize your new structure to complement your home and garden.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are a popular choice for outdoor remodel projects, these days.  They're ideal for entertaining, but also wonderful for everyday use.  We build custom outdoor kitchens to fit your exact specifications, from a simple grill station set-up to a fully-stocked kitchen with appliances, luxury finishes, and comfortable seating areas.  This summer, why not keep some of the heat out of the house by cooking outdoors, instead?  

Outdoor Fireplace

An outdoor fireplace takes the traditional appeal of the family hearth and multiplies it by the charm of the stars in the sky.  Outdoor fireplaces have the potential to become your family's favorite gathering place (or maybe your new go-to spot for a romantic rendezvous).  Like all fireplaces, they offer warmth, comfort, and the magnetic pull of a crackling fire, but the outdoor setting kicks it up a notch!  

Custom-Built Pergola or Gazebo

There's something indisputably elegant and gracious about a custom-made gazebo or pergola.  They have the ability to define a space and make it unique and memorable.  A pergola or gazebo will likely become your outdoor living space's focal point.  You'll enjoy observing it from inside your home almost as much as you enjoy sitting in it on fresh mornings and warm afternoons.  These structures are a practical location for patio furniture, but so much more interesting than a simple patio!

Custom Porch Addition or Extension

Many porches (whether a front porch or a back porch) seem to have been included in the house plan as an afterthought— a purely ornamental element not meant for actual use.  They're often not large enough for comfort or convenience.  Coastal Home Improvements can expand your front or back porch to more useful proportions.  A porch remodeling project can transform your dinky little porch into the porch of your dreams, perfect for relaxing on your own or whiling away the day with family and friends.  We can also build a porch from scratch, if your home lacks one.  As with all our work, our porch extensions or additions are custom projects, meaning that you have the ultimate control in their design.  We can help you make it your own!

Seamless Gutters

Have your home's gutters seen better days?  Or possibly you have no gutters at all?  We install both customized seamless gutters and LeafGuard gutters.  Our gutters are modern, high-quality products that vastly reduce maintenance, avoid leaks and clogs, and protect your structure from water damage.  They're a wise investment— and they can be customized to complement the look of your home, for an attractive finish.


Outdoor Building Experts on Baldwin County's Eastern Shore

Coastal Home Improvements provides all of Coastal South Alabama with professional outdoor building services.  We've been working as outdoor living specialists since 2013, bringing our clients' dreams into reality with quality products, construction expertise, and a commitment to excellent service.  

Do you have an outdoor remodeling project on your mind?  We'd be happy to help!  For more information, please give us a call or contact us online.