Outdoor Kitchens in Mobile, AL

Outdoor kitchens are a popular way to extend your living space outdoors, and Mobile, Alabama, has a wonderful climate for it!  Our mild winters mean you can use your outdoor living space year-round, and moving the cooking outside in the summer keeps stale food odors from grilling out of the house and helps your home stay cooler without overtaxing the air conditioner.  Coastal Home Improvements can help you build an outdoor kitchen that you'll enjoy for month after month, built to last for year after year!

Enjoy Outdoor Cooking in Coastal Alabama

There's just something fun and exciting about cooking in the great outdoors!  The grill master gets the chance to show off his skills while friends and family catch up in your comfortable outdoor dining space.  It feels like a mini-vacation from everyday life, but it's in your own backyard!  You can enjoy the experience as often as you want, and you have all the comforts and conveniences of home just a few steps away.  It's the best of both worlds!

Custom-Built Quality, Personalized for Your Needs

Coastal Home Improvements has a wide range of materials to choose from and the expert knowledge and skill to turn your Mobile-area back yard into an extension of your home's usable space.  We specialize in custom work-- something made to order, just right for your space, your lifestyle, and your budget.  

We can build you an outdoor kitchen that's perfectly suited to your individual style and needs.  From a simple but effective grill set-up, all the way to a luxurious full kitchen with the works (including stainless steel outdoor kitchen appliances, built-in grill, outdoor kitchen sink, prep space, serving space, outdoor dining, kitchen storage, both ambient and task lighting-- even a cozy outdoor fireplace), we have your covered.  You dream it; we make it a reality.


Coastal Home Improvements does all types of custom work for people living in the Alabama Gulf Coast region, including both Mobile County and Baldwin County.  Give us a call to get started on your next outdoor home improvement!