Custom Outdoor Kitchens in Spanish Fort, AL

Coastal Home Improvements designs and constructs outdoor kitchens in Spanish Fort, Alabama.  The Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay has an ideal climate for year-round outdoor living.  With our mild Gulf Coast winters, we can enjoy our outdoor living spaces any month of the year.  These days, more and more people are improving the outdoor areas of their homes-- especially the back yard garden area.  It's an affordable way to gain more livable space without committing to a costly and disruptive house extension.  Outdoor kitchens are particularly popular with today's homeowner.  If you're considering adding an outdoor cooking area to your Spanish Fort home, Coastal Home Improvements can help!

Enjoy the Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen in Spanish Fort, AL

Why should you add an outdoor kitchen to your home?

  • Entertain conveniently.
    Outdoor kitchens provide a perfect setting for entertaining.  Everyone loves a good barbecue!  Kids can run around and play while the adults enjoy dining al fresco.  There's plenty of room for your guests to spread out, and if you're eating outdoors, your indoor furnishings remain safe from spills.  
  • Keep your house cooler in the summer.
    Our Alabama Gulf Coast summers can be brutal at times.  Cooking indoors on a hot day can make the whole house uncomfortable, putting a strain on the air conditioner and running up your electric bill.  Looking for an alternative to cold soups and salads?  An outdoor kitchen makes it easy and convenient to quickly whip up a delicious meal without making the house hot.  Keep the heat and heavy smells of cooking outside, then return to your nice, cool home to eat.  It's a smart way to keep the house cooler on sweltering days.
  • Soak up that fresh air.
    When the weather is perfect, why stay cooped up inside?  Being outdoors can decrease stress and lower your blood pressure.  With an outdoor kitchen, you can use mealtimes to unwind and breathe in the fresh air.  Even the busiest person has to eat.  Cooking or dining outside in your outdoor kitchen gives you a chance to grab some valuable outdoor downtime even on a tight schedule.  An outdoor kitchen is also a great for monitoring the kids and staying part of the action when the rest of the family is splashing in the pool or playing in the backyard.
  • Escape from your ordinary routine.
    It's just more fun to eat outside!  There's something about enjoying food outdoors that takes us back to carefree childhood.  An outdoor kitchen provides an opportunity to shake up your routine and spend quality time with your family.  Make a date with your loved ones to leave the high-tech distractions behind for an hour and just have a conversation over a meal.  It can feel like a tiny, much-needed vacation from everyday life, but it's right in the comfort of your own backyard, so you can enjoy it any time!  

Custom Outdoor Kitchens on the Eastern Shore

Coastal Home Improvements specializes in designing and building customized outdoor living areas on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  Because we do custom work, everything can be personalized to your unique lifestyle.  Create an outdoor kitchen that makes expert use of your available space!  We'll help you select materials and a design that will fit your budget and complement your home's exterior for an attractive finish.  Whatever you have in mind, we can deliver it, from something simple but effective (a grill with a handy nearby work surface?) to the most luxurious full kitchen imaginable.  

What's in your dream outdoor kitchen?  Stainless steel outdoor kitchen appliances?  A built-in grill, prep areas, and storage?  An outdoor kitchen sink?  We can do all of that!  Don't forget to include an outdoor dining area.  Ambient and task lighting are important considerations, too-- especially if you want to use your outdoor kitchen at night.  We can even install a cozy outdoor fireplace for an amazing spot for your family to gather on cool evenings.  Whatever you're dreaming, we can make it a reality!

Coastal Alabama's Local Outdoor Kitchen Experts

Coastal Home Improvements provides professional custom outdoor remodeling services for clients along the Alabama Gulf Coast.  We specialize in creating exceptional outdoor living spaces of all kinds for the people of Baldwin County and Mobile County.  From simple additions to lavish resort-style luxuries, we do it all.  Please give us a call or fill out our contact form to discuss what we can do for you!