Custom Outdoor Kitchens in Daphne, AL

Treat yourself and your family to a beautiful outdoor kitchen for your home in Daphne, Alabama!  

Coastal Home Improvements designs and builds custom outdoor kitchens on Baldwin County's Eastern Shore.  Outdoor kitchens are a popular upgrade with homeowners today. They're a particularly wise investment for people living on the Alabama Gulf Coast.  Our mild winters mean we can be outside grilling and dining al fresco for month after month.  We have the opportunity to enjoy our outdoor living areas just about any time of the year, and a kitchen is the perfect way to transform your under-utilized backyard into your new favorite gathering place.  Let Coastal Home Improvements design and construct the outdoor cooking area of your dreams!


Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen in Daphne, Alabama

Why should you consider building an outdoor kitchen for your home?  There are so many reasons!

Increase your livable space.
At a fraction of the cost of a home extension, an outdoor kitchen provides plenty of extra room for your family-- without the disruption of a construction project inside the house.  A nicely furnished outdoor dining area is a cost-effective way to gain more space to stretch out.

Entertain friends and family.
Outdoor kitchens are a smart choice for people who enjoy entertaining.  

     --Larger gatherings are possible, and you can comfortably entertain one group indoors and another outside.

     --You don't have to worry as much about spills ruining your expensive indoor furniture-- perfect for kids' parties.

     --It's easy for adults to relax while keeping an eye on the kids as they run and play.

Reduce your air conditioning bill.
Cooking indoors during our brutally hot summers makes the house hotter and can put an extra strain on your air conditioner (and your wallet, when it's time to pay the electric bill).  Using your outdoor kitchen for cooking keeps all that heat outside-- not to mention those cooking smells that can linger in the house for hours.

Shake up your boring routine.
There's something special about eating outdoors.  Maybe it reminds us of childhood-- afternoon picnics, family cookouts, and cozy campfires.  Having an outdoor kitchen encourages you to change things up more often and be a little more spontaneous.  Eating outdoors with your family gives you the chance to leave the distractions behind for a while, have deeper conversations, or just enjoy one another's company over some good food.

Enjoy more fresh air.
Did you know that simply being outside can lower your blood pressure and decrease stress levels?  Even if you're a busy person on a tight schedule, you still have to eat.  With an outdoor kitchen, you can do your cooking and eating outdoors to get some fresh air and unwind a bit.  Treat yourself to fresh air more often!


Custom Outdoor Kitchens on the Baldwin County Eastern Shore

Coastal Home Improvements are your local experts in outdoor living spaces.  We specialize in designing and constructing custom outdoor kitchens, as well as other exterior structures and features for your outdoor lifestyle.  We can help you create an exterior kitchen that fits your budget, makes the best use of your available space, and blends beautifully with the rest of your home.  We build outdoor kitchens of all kinds, from simple to luxurious.  Whatever you want-- built-in grill, dining area, stainless steel outdoor kitchen appliances, outdoor kitchen sink, prep areas, mood lighting, or even an outdoor fireplace-- anything is possible.  You dream it and we bring it into reality!  


Daphne's Local Outdoor Kitchen Experts

You can trust Coastal Home Improvements to deliver professional results on your custom outdoor remodeling project.  We provide clients along the Alabama Gulf Coast with exceptional outdoor living spaces.  We can do it all, from simple upgrades to the most luxurious, resort-style renovations.  Please give us a call or fill out our contact form to start a discussion about what we can do for you!