Custom Concrete Patios and Walkways in Daphne, AL

Coastal Home Improvements builds custom patios and walkways in Daphne, AL, and other places along the Eastern Shore of Baldwin County, Alabama, such as Fairhope, Malbis, and Spanish Fort.  Upgrade your home's outdoor living space with an attractive, durable concrete patio or pathway!  

Custom-Built Concrete Patios & Walkways on the Eastern Shore

On the Alabama Gulf Coast, our mild winters mean that we can use our gardens, backyards, and front yards all year.  That's a lot of opportunities for soaking up some sun and breathing in the fresh air.  Lazy brunches, BBQ cook-outs with family and friends, long afternoons sipping a cool beverage-- all are improved when you have a comfortable, convenient place to serve meals, entertain, and kick back outside your home.  

A custom-designed patio is the perfect way to define your outdoor area, expand the livable space on your property, and make your garden or yard more functional.  Say goodbye to the days of dragging patio furniture around the yard so you can mow or trim underneath it.  No more wobbly tables or chair legs sinking into the soil!  A sturdy, level surface makes all the difference between frustration and relaxation.  

Coastal Home Improvements also builds walkways so you can get in and out of your home or to and from locations on your property more easily-- something that is especially useful on rainy days.  You'll track less dirt and mud into the house and the level surface of a finished path is safe, clean, and pleasant for walking or rolling on.  

Professional-Grade Concrete Walkways & Patios in Daphne, AL

Coastal Home Improvements uses professional-grade concrete, so you can count on our work to last for year after year, with little or no maintenance required.  Whether you want a patio to extend your outdoor living space, a walkway, or even a series of pathways, we can offer you a fully customized concrete construction.  You can have a patio in almost any shape and size you can imagine.  We also offer an attractive selection of decorative concrete options and finishes to complement your home's exterior or set the right mood for your outdoor oasis.  

Your Local Expert Outdoor Builders for the Alabama Gulf Coast

Invest in your family's enjoyment of your home by enhancing your outdoor space.  If you have a vision in mind, the dedicated and experienced outdoor specialists at Coastal Home Improvements can help you turn it into a reality.  Or if you're not sure exactly what you want, we can offer advice based on our years of experience building structures in this area.  We'll guide you through every step, from design to completed project.  We aren't satisfied until you are!

Coastal Home Improvements serves all of Baldwin County and Mobile County.  We provide the Gulf Coast area with unique designs and all types of custom-built outdoor living spaces and features.  For instance, maybe you'd like shield your new patio with a patio cover or surround it with a screen enclosure.  We can do that for you!  Because we do custom work, we're very flexible in the services we can provide.  Please give us a call or contact us online to discuss what you have in mind!  We'd love the opportunity to help you improve your home!